Our hope is to provide help to address those questions which occur most frequently:

What is Barrister Capital Corporation?

Barrister Capital Corporation (BCC) is a not-for-profit international housing corporation that supports the needs of housing for The Delta Chi Fraternity.

Can you buy us a house?

There are many financial aspects that go into determining whether a house can actually be purchased. Chapter size, Chapter financials, Chapter conduct, Chapter academics and local housing corporation participation along with availability and cost of housing on the campus all contribute to whether a project is viable. We can help to identify the next steps for your group to determine what the best strategy is for your Chapter.

As volunteers, we struggle with leasing, rent collection and vendor payments. What can you do?

Barrister Property Management (BPM) has implemented a property management solution to facilitate our local housing corporations (LHC) with eLeasing, rent collection (7×24), problem ticketing and vendor payments. This can alleviate a major burden and time commitment for our LHC volunteers.